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As a hobbyist, I am always enthralled working with my hands. I find bliss in cross-stitching, crocheting, quilting, sewing, beading, and anything that flexes my nifty muscles. Even when I was still a little girl, I got thrilled when my Home Economics teacher back in my elementary days would bring in and teach us new arts/crafts project. During those times, I can’t remember submitting any piece of my work that was half-baked and without displaying my keen eye for details attitude. If there was a need to start doing it again, I would painstakingly redo it entirely to come up with the finished products in almost great precision. Since then, the discovery for my fascination, obsession and passion to the world of craft began to burst.

Here are some of my hand crafted creations.

My addiction and crave for crafts learning grew more when my friend sent me a coin-purse made out of crystal beads as a gift. The moment I handed the beaded purse, I whispered to myself, hmmm, this is something I will really enjoy doing from our home and put my unexploited ingenuity into maximum use. For 3 consecutive struggling days, working until wee hours just to study the twists and turns how the coin purse was made, I was able to carry out the finished product well. From the beads making, I got a kick out of all the crazy designs I could come up with and each piece of crystal bead comes out differently producing cellphone case, bowl case-protection, jewelry, bag, flower vase holder, and even fruits/animals miniatures. I regret that I haven’t taken a snapshot of some of my handcrafted creations prior to giving out to friends as my personal-touched gift on a particular occasion. But from now on, I will and I must. Promise!

Although I have no formal education nor did I attend any short course on jewelry making, it surprises me to produce something which I really enjoy and finally uncover my newfound knack. Of course, if my budget and time permit, I would definitely love to enroll in special classes or crash courses on jewelry making or Gemology to acquire techniques and knowledge.

This hobby really gives me enjoyment in accessorizing myself; flaunting my designs and then got noticed by others and eventually accepting made to order jewelry.

You are welcome to drop me a line. Thank you.

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  1. Hey, you've got a great talents, keep up the good work!