Food for the Soul

Words of Wisdom

Reduce Reuse Recycle

I now begin to practice the three R's "reduce, reuse, recycle" to say goodbye to waste and keep discarded materials out of landfills. By putting together arts and crafts into recycling, we can keep down the amount of trash and turn it into treasure. With little creativity from our old stuff, it will not only reduce the impact on the environment, but it will also add life and transform it into a new adorable item.

Instead of throwing away unwanted materials, activate the arty-crafty sense in us. Rescue the reusable objects heading for the garbage bin and make over them into fantastic crafts. I'm putting my green back to environment by having my old denim pants created into functional bag and embellished it with beads and scarf as accents. Truly, one person's trash is another person's treasure - that's the beauty of recycling!

Let us stay green and healthy. You are free to share your greenie crafts' tips. I'd love to hear from you.

Buttons Up

Being inspired to let my hands play and explore what unlimited creations that I can generate out of loose buttons, the flame of creativity gets my candle burning to weave pieces of buttons and mixing them up with beads.


tiny weeny kikay


As a self-taught crafter, I am captivated by the flexibility and unlimited possibilities buttons will produce. From my collection of buttons (vintage, resin and plastic), my imagination started to run wild and demonstrate some kind of my crafting geek by mixing and matching different colors and sizes and embellishing them with beads to add flair to an ordinary buttons. The seed beads were also weaved to create a toggle clasps.

tie a yellow


Stringing them was a great joy and fun to connect with my passion to experiment with buttons this time and threaded them into bracelets for a stunning look. These totally unique and adorable bracelets can be paired with any outfit and can be a perfect idea for a last-minute present for your loved ones.




So what are you waiting for, have fun stringing those buttons and get creative. :)

Personalized Crocheted Laptop Skin

To have a feel and touch of uniqueness, I just finished my personalize crocheted laptop skin which I painstakingly worked on for two weeks. Using 5 balls of tri-colored Canon crochet thread, this customized laptop cover will definitely protect my notebook against abrasion and damage. A great idea not only for protecting its internal functions but also an effective way to safeguard the outside casing as well. In so doing, scratches and small nicks can be prevented since it is mobile and often get banged when transferred from one location to another.

A personal stamped of my own personality. It fascinates me to have come-up with this unique hand creation that is enjoyable to use and carry around. A fun way of dressing-up my electronic for it fits securely and stays firmly in place.

As my contribution to my dear mother earth, I take part in using eco-friendly materials. Said cover is washable, can be used several times and can be easily removed and put on.