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Trinkets for Summer 2010

The heat of the sun is already scorching because summer is officially here and school year has formally ended. There is something about summer. It is not only graduation time, long vacation from school, lesser school-related expenses, but it is a perfect time of the year to take advantage of the water and fruits in season.

In time for Ella Roman’s graduation (my friend’s daughter) on March 26, I found delight to create a watch bracelet covered with apple-inspired cold porcelain/air dry clay to go together with dangling summer fruits as a summery gift to her.

As I indulge myself to a summer fruits feast, there’s nothing quite like the refreshing, healthy, quench thirsting sweet taste of juicy fruits on a hot summer day. Whether you like the slices of watermelon, kiwi, banana, strawberry, apple and orange, there are plenty of seasonal summer fruits to choose from to add flair to one’s bracelet charms being the apple as the lead role and halves of the summer fruits as the supporting casts.

With this cool and cute one of a kind bracelet to enjoy, it is a best fit to jazz-up one’s get-up to complement with summery outfit.