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My Latest Additions to my World of Crafts

I'm into my creative mood and I feel the thrill to create miniature novelty figures. This time using seed beads. :)

poodle doodle (actual size: 1.75 cm x 1.75cm)

One great way to dress up one's cell phone is to accessorize it with beaded charms. These tiny weenie knick-knacks were intricately hand weaved to add some bling to mobile devices in an affordable means. A fun, cool and inexpensive way to give accents to your favorite communication gadgets that will definitely provide an added excitement, style, and sparkle according to your fashion options and unique personality.

casual bag (actual size: 5cm x 5cm)

Depending on your mood, you can change the theme of your cell phone charms as often as you want. The catch phrase is "dolled up your mobile phone" with these dainty trinkets to create a feel of distinctiveness on fashion staple when it comes to cellphone accessory. I am sure that young and old alike will certainly get fascinated even when their lovely gadgets are not in use.

evening bag (actual size: 3cm x 3cm)

witch me luck (actual size: 4cm x 6cm)

Have fun with these delightful and lovely charms!