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Lactacyd Word Treasure Hunt

It was a pleasure joining the recent crazed game called "Word Treasure Hunt" of Lactacyd, (a feminine wash) in its Woman Talks page on Facebook. My own little way of saying thank you for the gift pack I had received from sanofi-aventis Philippines, Inc. It was very well liked and appreciated. So generous of you Woman Talks.

It was exciting to note that everyone did enjoy and had a fun time answering the trivia. Though, I wasn't part of the six (6) grand prize winners (6 units of iPod shuffle), I was given a token, delivered right in our doorsteps and so with the rest who had participated in the said activity. The game was open to women in the Philippines only.

Have a glance of my Lactacyd products I had received.

Woman Talks is currently cooking up another mind stimulating contest "How Confidently Smart is Your Brain?" game and will run from 08 August to 04 September 2011. I recommend and encourage women out there residing in the Philippines to join and be part of this event. Lots of prizes and surprises await the participants. So, like Woman Talks page on Facebook and check that out.

Many many thanks Lactacyd and Woman Talks. Continue to come up with these kind of exhilarating games and we are here to support you. More power! :)

Handcrafted Miniature Flower Arrangements

I now begin my miniature flower arrangements using air-dry clay (my own homemade clay) with gusto. The pleasure I get from this hobby brings me amusement and the feeling is beyond compare. As a kick-off, it excites me to create with a tweak these freestanding sculptures for display. Making sure that every detail captured its authenticity, it was packed full of patience and love for handmade creations to make them appeared as real as possible.

birds of paradise, tiger cactus

tropical flowers in a bowl

anthurium and dried bamboo


lavander orchids

I can not wait to come up with more ideas and designs in the future. Feel free to make comments, suggestions and critic my work.