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My First Attempt on Cold Porcelain

For me, there are lots of reasons to love crafts. I have not explored much of my jewelry's wire wrapping craft yet until I stumbled across this cold porcelain. Cold porcelain is non-toxic, biodegradable air dry clay medium which most of the ingredients can be found right in our own kitchen.

Despite its name, cold porcelain is not real porcelain. Since this medium dries-up easily to air exposure, it does not require firing or heating of any kind and product results will give a porcelain-like texture.

I love this newly found craft because of its versatility and the endless possibilities that I can create from cold porcelain. From a life size or miniature flowers, figurines, cake toppers or any kind of food decorations, to jewelry and many other stuff, I can say that this craft is very promising. One can only limit by one’s imagination.

Have a sneak peek of my first batch attempt. Not bad for a beginner like me.

Happy claying!

cellphone strap strawberry dipped in dark chocolate with white chocolate

cellphone strap hotdog sandwich
(size: 1.5cm x 2cm x 4cm)

cellphone strap hamburger
(size: 3cm dia. x 2.5cm thick)

ref magnet avocado cake topped with fresh cherries, vanilla rose, and with some dark chocolate shavings
(measures approximately 1" in diameter)

ref magnet strawberry/choco cake
(size: 3cm dia. x 2.5cm thick)