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ClayTeddy Bear

Tomorrow is the birthday of one of my very best friends, Mher Daet. I was thinking of what to give her - I want something that would challenge my ingenuity to sculpt realistic homemade clay figures that would replicate them to the nearest. This time, I have come up with this cutie-fur-y brown teddy bear seated on stargazer lily flowers and I loved how it came out.

This homemade clay is not really a typical "CLAY". I just call it clay because its texture and properties resembling those of mineral clay. Because it is biodegradable, ingredients are mostly found right in our own kitchen. It is pliable enough and can easily be manipulated to create limitless images such as cake toppers, ornaments, jewelries, key chain pieces, and charms among others.

I am thrilled with this new craft as one of the amazing mediums for sculpture. One can create a figurine of people or animal. It is easy to work with and inexpensive - it does not require sophisticated kiln and heating as it gets dry easily to air exposure.

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