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Fashionable Handcrafted Bangles

Once again, I loosened up my hands and liberated my ingenious mood and came up with two pieces of bangles. These are my new additions to my crafter's nook as my hands unshackled once more to complement to my being a true beadaholic and my passion for crafts as I now begin to embrace wire sculpting with gusto. Each jewelry piece fascinates and inspires me because it demonstrates my form of expression that exposes my creations with quality of craftsmanship.

Rainbow Connection bangle
I have done mixing and matching a whole array of fascinating multi-colored swarovski stones to bring out a sleek and sassy style finish. With the assortment of colors, they bring a feel of rainbow's touch which will definitely connect me so closely between my work and my wearers.

#7 10k rounded gold wire
#7 10k corrugated gold wire
#7 10k flat gold wire (for wrapping)
gold balls

multi-colored Swarovski stones

Orange Delight bangle
This simple custom handcrafted bangle called "Orange Delight" which is elegantly bent and twisted, offers a tawny-orangey cool sense to the eyes that can be dolled up and matched with one's perfect get-up.

#7 10k gold wire
#7 10k corrugated gold wire

#6 10k rounded gold wire (for wrapping)
gold balls

semi-precious stones

Some tips:
To get your bracelet size, take a measuring tape and wrap around your wrist where your bracelet would fit snugly. Take the measurement and add at least an inch to get your bracelet size.

For toddlers or younger, add 1/2 inch. Children older than 3, add about an inch.

It is usually safe to guesstimate based on age as follows:
Newborn - 4"

6-12 months - 4.5"

12-24 months - 5"

2-5 years - 5.5"

6-8 years - 6"
8-12 years - 6.5"

You may want to have a glimpse of some of my handworks' creations. Your comments are very much appreciated. Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you had a great time viewing.

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