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April Fool's Day Miniature Cake

This April Fool’s Day, I’m not into throwing hoax but it is a chance for me to get creative. Again, I loosened-up my nifty hands so I have delicately handcrafted a delightful mouth-watering and lip-smacking sponge cake topped with peach and covered with dark chocolate using cold porcelain medium. But, be careful not to get fooled by this cake because it’s not real. I should say, that it was a success that I was able to make it appear as life size and authentic.

This tiny cutie ref magnet cake measures approximately 1.5” in diameter and the slice of cake can be used as charm for cellphone to add chic to electronic gadget, also, perfect for bracelet charm, pendant and key chain.

I intend to give the miniature cake to my very dear friend, Mher Daet as she celebrates her birthday on the 4th of April.

Let me know your comment on how would you like my creation. Thank you for viewing.

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